The Controlled Demolition of the American Experiment and the Bull Market

Happy Sovereign Wednesday! Not sure I'm back from hiatus as my schedule has been packed between launching the new Alpha360 Foundations [] and travel for work but I wanted to send out this quick update because I think it's important. At a minimum,

Hands Up Don't Nuke

Happy Sovereign Sunday and once more into the breach my friends! Incoming mea culpa. I have to admit that anytime Sleepy Joe opens his mouth it makes me somewhat more empathetic to understanding what it must be like to have TDS syndrome. I mean, nearly every time Joe speaks it’

Fed Hawks and Hurricane Eyes

To all the Fathers out there, enjoy your day! I’ve got my own Dad in town and a house full of family, so here's the abridged recap of everything you need to know lightning round style. The Fed said that maybe they might not add trillions of

Crypto Crashes and Wolves on the Prowl

While crypto markets were crashing, I was fortunate enough to spend the first half of the week at a mastermind with some terrific human beings. I expected this group of entrepreneurs to be smart and motivated, but the biggest surprise was how genuinely decent and generous they were as well.

Green Optionality and Perception

Shortened travel week edition. I’m on the road for a High Performance Festivus get together in flyover country with some of the best and brightest this country has to offer.  Will give a full download next week. Busy week on the news front. The CDC finally admitted the whole

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