Michael Kimelman is a bestselling author and an expert on disruptive innovation and personal disruption; he uses the lessons of his own life to offer inspiration and insight to others — from formerly incarcerated youth to global CEOs — on overcoming personal and professional challenges. His mission is to empower people with the skills to prosper in the face of adversity through leadership and anti-fragility training. Michael was a lawyer at Sullivan & Cromwell and then founded Incremental Capital, a New York-based hedge fund with over $250M in assets. He is currently the head of Blockchain Strategic Development at Layer 3 Technologies and the co-Founder of Dekryption, a strategic advisory and investment firm with a focus on digital assets.   A serial entrepreneur and disrupter, Michael sees a common theme with many of the investments and projects that he has founded or advised on - they are disruptive technologies that have the potential to positively re-shape the socio-economic landscape. At Dekrytion, he has put together a world class team of experts capable of taking your business and life to the next level.

In addition to his work as a speaker and advisor, Mike is a John Maxwell and Unbeatable Mind certified coach, the author of the bestseller Confessions of a Wall Street Insider, and hosts the weekly Podcast, 'Disruptive AF.' He works with high-achievers to exponentially upgrade their energy, income and impact so they can unleash their full potential and live a life of passion, purpose and clarity.

As a certified coach, keynote speaker and successful entrepreneur with decades of business experience, I can offer clarity on your path and collaborate with you to unleash your full potential and overcome limiting paradigms.

In addition to his private coaching and Alpha360 Accelerator 6 week Masterclass, Mike recently launched the Alpha360 Foundations program. Foundations is a weekly live training designed radically upgrade your money, mind and body.

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